52 Week Challenge

I have started a picture a week challenge to explore different sides of photography.  My start date is 1/2/2022.  Enjoy my walk thru 2022!!

Week 2 - Something that inspires me.  




Now as awesome as octopus are I would not say they "inspire" me.  What im trying to capture is how light inspires me.  How by taking an oridnary (or not  ordinary steampunk octopus) and creating a whole new object by manipulating that beautiful light and etching out wonderful curves in all the darkness.

Week 1 - Self Portrait


Supposed to be a self portrait but we all know that is not happening.  MaybeI will  try later this year.  So I decided to shoot something precious to me.  Lucky is my constant complanion and shadow.  Where ever I go - you will see Lucky.  So I guess he is kind of a different portrait of who I am.  

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